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We cooperate with gifted art groups from inland and abroad. They are a wonderful visiting card of a particular corner of the world or the region of our country.

They are ambassadors of various cultures, customs and traditions and an attraction during cultural entertainment events. Cultural diversity connects even the furthest regions of the world.

Our Guests are a guarantee for high quality of the presented artistic skills and their performances are the essence of unprecedented talent, work and great passion. The artistry of presented skills is emphasized with esthetic values and exceptional attention to detail.

We can admire carefully embroidered colourful national costumes, decorations, regional laces as well as modern costumes, hairstyles and other typical of a particular region of the country. If you want to enrich a cultural entertainment event with gifted artists, please contact us.

To our artists belong mainly enthusiasts and professionals. Creators interested in discovering the world who are inspired by people, places and events. Their performances are a great opportunity to have fun. Polish audience has the possibility of getting to know artists from various cultural circles, beautiful outfits, songs and dances from different corners of the world and spending a nice time in great company. We recommend it and guarantee great fun!


Folk ensemble “Dudariki”

The ensemble was established in 1970 in Minsk. Since then it has managed to amaze thousands of children and adults with its colourful and energetic performances. The artistic programme of this unique group encompasses an array of folk songs and dances, which are performed with their own collection of about thirty traditional musical instruments.

Music, songs and dances of “Dudariki” are popular not only in their home land Belarus, but also abroad. The group has presented its artistic programme in many European countries. Within 40 years of activity the artists have played over 1700 concerts, including over 500 abroad. In 2003 “Dudariki” created a museum of musical instruments with about 350 unique exhibits.


Folk dance theatre “Alma Dea”

It is an educational establishment which is a part of Grodno Medical University and is composed of 45 students and medical interns. The membership in the dance theatre “Alma Dea” is one of the factors of cultural development, which supports the awareness of national heritage.

Teachers and choreographers of “Alma Dea” have extensive experience which boosts creative potential. The whole staff works to teach the students traditional elements of choreography.

“Alma Dea” takes part in local, regional, national and international cultural events. The theatre has won many prizes and distinctions, i.a.: Grand Prix diploma obtained during open dance festival “Energy, beauty, harmony” of Yanka Kupala University of Grodno, in the competition “ART-Holidays” in 2008 – laureate in the category Belarusian folk dance.

“Alma Dea” also won a special award and diploma of the Ministry of Education of Belarus for a significant contribution to artistic and esthetic development of the youth in 2010. During International Festival of Choreography “Sozhski dance” in Gomel, Belarus, in 2013 the theatre won the second prize in the category modern choreography.

Moreover, the group has many times participated in cultural events in Poland and in 2015 won the first award at the festival “Amber Route” in Poland.


Youth Brass Band “Niemigi Fanfares”

The band was established in 2001 in Minsk, Belarus. Its members are young people in the age from 13 to 19. The band is conducted by Mr. Ernest Kalinowski. Since its formation the band has given over 600 concerts in their home land Belarus and abroad. In 2004 it was invited as a guest of honour to the opening gala of the I Festival of Brass Bands in Italian Milan.

Their repertoire is diversified in terms of genre and type of activity of the composers, e.g. Bach, Haendel, Vivaldi, Miller, Zawinul, Finegon etc. The group won Grand Prix and the title of laureate of a special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the support of unusually gifted youth. “Niemigi Fanfares” are laureates of many competitions:

  • International competition of Brass Bands in San Remo “Silver Palm” (Italy, 2004),
  • “Music without limits” (Belarus, 2009 and 2012) – I place,
  • All-Polish Festival of Brass Bands “Fanfares of Belarus” (Minsk, 2011) – I place,
  • Folk Festival “Window onto the East” (Poland, 2011) – I place,
  • International Festival “Kupala Night Rościmin Festival” (Poland, 2014).

Folk song and dance ensemble “Laces of Grodno”

The ensemble was established in 1998 at the High School of Fine Arts in Grodno. The members of the ensemble are students in the age from 16 to 22, who explore the mysteries of classical, national and modern dance. Studying Belarusian culture and folklore plays a significant role for the ensemble.

The repertoire includes local folk songs and dances based on Belarusian traditions. The group actively participates in the most important cultural events in Belarus and abroad. In 2005, 2008 and 2014 “Laces of Grodno” were awarded a special prize of Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the support of unusually gifted youth.

Moreover, the ensemble has taken part in many local and national Belarusian folk festivals such as: Gomel, Pinsk, Vitebsk and many other. “Laces of Grodno” have also participated in international cultural entertainment events such as: International Folk Dance Festival (Węgorzewo, Poland), “The Chance of the Youth” (Riga, Latvia), International Youth Folklore Festival (Primorsko, Bulgaria), International Folk Culture Festival “Golden Dance” (Bursa, Turkey), World Folklore Festival and International Folk Dance Festival “Summer of the dialogue of cultures” (Chełmno, Poland).


Folk ensemble “Szczodryca”

The ensemble was formed in 1993 in Minsk, Belarus. The lecturers of Belarusian University of Culture and Art – Valentina Trambitsky and Irina Gramovich – exerted substantial influence on the formation of the ensemble and its further development.

The group is comprised of 15 singers and 10 instrumental musicians. In 2007 it became a leading band of a national institution for culture and education, i.e. the Culture Palace “Loszycki”. Its repertoire reflects musical heritage of Belarus. The musicians use traditional brass instruments: bagpipes, flutes, straws – in their modern version. The group promotes rich folklore by invigorating songs and dances from the past.

The audience has the chance to get to know the cultural heritage of Belarus better and in the best version possible. The ensemble frequently participates in festivals, fairs, exhibitions, military events and many other cultural entertainment events. The musicians frequently visit children’s homes and hospitals, participate in charity concerts and are partners of the Belarusian Peace Foundation within the scope of the project “Children of Chernobyl”. “Szczodryca” has many times been awarded prizes and diplomas, including:

  • International Festival “Songs without limits” in Donetsk (Ukraine, 2011),
  • International Festival “Sounds of cimbalom and accordion” (Belarus, 2012),
  • Diploma at the International Folklore Festival “Euro-folklore” (Slovakia, 2013).

The ensemble develops the genuine folklore of various regions, using elements of modern Belarusian dance music and pieces of well-known composers, which in their sound and stream are similar to the main style of performing.


Youth choir “Ranak”

The choir was formed in 2007 in Minsk, Belarus. At the beginning it had four members (pupils) and now – as many as forty people.

Not only does the group actively participate in school concerts, but also sings in the best concert halls in the capital, such as concert hall of the National Philharmonic “Upper Town”.

In 2009 the choir took part in the competition “Young talents” and won the first place as well as a special diploma of the Belarusian Eastern Orthodox Church. In 2010 it participated in the I Belarusian National Choir Music Festival “Echo” and was awarded diploma of the laureate of the second grade as well as a special prize for artistry.

The youth choir “Ranak” is always a welcome guest at cultural events in Poland where it won at the festival “Children of the World” in 2015. Creative credo of the group can be summarized by these words: “singing, love and education”.

The repertoire presented by the choir to a great extent reflects its unique creativity. The priority pursued by the educators and caretakers within the education process is to familiarize the children and the youth with the world of poetry, imagination, artistry, work and responsibility.

Everything is done in order to show the pupils and the recipients how good it is to create beauty!


Stage band “Light of the Star”

The band which is conducted by Natalia and Maxim Kirilchik was established over 18 years ago in Minsk, Belarus. Every year the educators and caretakers let out a group of eminent alumni who are characterized by their passion for music and art along with incredible sensibility. With their performances they want to share their creativity and artistry, fill the hearts of their audiences with warmth and joy.

The members of the group have many times been laureates of competitions, festivals and other local, national and international cultural entertainment events. The group has already performed in such countries as: France, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and Ukraine.

The singers visit Poland with pleasure and actively take part in the festival of Slavic cultures and many cultural events. The band “Light of the Star” is always enthusiastically and kindly welcomed in Poland. By cultivating the friendship of our countries we get to know the history and cultural heritage of both nations.

Full-range speakers – Peavey SP 4

SP 4 speakers are high-class speakers with high sound dynamic. Now, in their improved version, they are more effective, lighter and offer sound which is clearer than ever. They are suitable for events requiring professional sound, both indoor and outdoor.


  • Power: 1000 W RMS
  • Three-way speaker system bi-amp
  • Speakers: 2 x 15’’ Black Widow + driver
  • Frequency range: 52 Hz – 17 kHz
  • Dimensions: 1238 mm x 327 mm x 584 mm
  • Weight: 51.4 kg

Power amplifier – Peavey IPR 3000

Two-channel IPR amplifier is the lightest among similar devices and has a clear LCD display facilitating working with other devices. This series is equipped with new switch-mode power supply and variable-speed fans. The amplifier has big power and is equipped with patented speaker protection system DDT supported by 32-bit processor.


  • Power: 1500 Watt RMS each canal by 2 Ohm, 1000 Watt RMS each canal by 4 Ohm
  • Speaker DDT protection
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • variable-speed cooling fan
  • Weight: 3 kg

Mixer – Peavey PV 10

PV mixing console is equipped with, i.a. silent mutes, Phantom power and diodes indicating that particular canals are working properly. Additionally, each canal can be muted or attributed one of 16 effects. It is also possible to connect an external device through Insert socket.


  • Canals: 8 (6 mic/line + 2 stereo / RCA)
  • DSP processor (16 effects)
  • Stereo outputs
  • Phantom power
  • Headphones output
  • Slide potentiometers

Wireless microphones – Novox 120 NH

Wireless microphones are a combination of great sound and highest quality. Wide frequency range, wide reach and solid structure belong to the features which you can rely on under difficult circumstances. The set includes:

  • NOW receiver 120
  • Power supply
  • Two hand microphones (transmitters) NH-315
  • Dimensions (the whole microphone): 250 mm long
  • 2 true diversity UHF antennas
  • Indicators of signal level
  • Reach under normal circumstances: 50 m
  • Frequency range: 60 Hz ~ 16 KHz

What is it and what are the rules of Body Zorbing?

Body Zorbing is a spectacular recreation play, also referred to as Body Zorb, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football, Bubble Ball or Bump and Jump. Body Zorbs are plastic balls filled with air. They look like huge bubbles. They may be used in a vast range of physical plays, frequently it is a version of football. In Body Zorbing the players are dressed up with blown bubbles which constrain the movements of the body, they hit and bounce off each other creating a spectacular and safe show. The plastic balls filled with air protect the players from body injuries and contusions. As the players crash and lose their balance they start to roll through the pitch like soap bubbles. It is great fun when they fight for victory, fall down, jump and do somersaults. Body Zorbing provides unforgettable emotions, a bit of sport competitiveness and a huge portion of laughter – both for the participants and the audience. There are many scenarios of the game, everyone can find something suitable for themselves and their group. The bubbles may be used indoors and outdoors. You can play during sport competitions, orientation parties, school competitions, family picnics, hen parties, stag nights and many others. We are sure that Body Zorbing makes us addicted to great fun. Unforgettable experiences, high endorphin level and loads of laughter guaranteed. Contact us now, please!

Bubble structure and safety:

In the tunnel inside the bubble there are braces on the shoulders with adjustable length, which stabilize the body. There are also handles which allow the player to control the body position inside the bubble. The space inside the bubble is so small that the body is protected from shaking and falling down and so big that the comfort and unconstrained breathing are ensured. The bubble has been designed in a way to keep the head in the bubble all the time during the game. There is no possibility of the head accidentally getting off the bubble. The distances between the bubble surfaces are made of ropes to increase the level of safety. There are more ropes than actually needed. If several distances are broken at once, it does not pose any danger to the player. Body Zorbing bubbles absorb the falls and the player can wear knee pads. You may also need some stamina in order to be able to wear a 7-kilogram bubble and to run and crash other players in it. The bubbles are made of thermoplastic polyurethane filled with air. They are highly flexible, resistant to wearing off, absorb the hits and are resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. The bubbles are transparent, odourless and hygienic. After each use they are disinfected by the personnel.

Playing and game rules

How the bubbles will be used depends on the characteristics and preferences of the players willing to take part in the game. It is you who defines the type, time of the game and size of the group. Depending on the preferences of the players, these can be funny little skirmishes or group matches or football leagues. You can play tag, sumo, bowling or organize competition who can maintain their balance longer while pushing against the other player. Most often two teams of 3 to 5 people play on a pitch with two little wickets and one small ball. The team which scores more goals wins. The ball can be kicked, returned and rolled. The hands and bodies of the players are hidden inside the bubble, so it is impossible to use your hands. There are no goal keepers. During the game you must not kick the ball out of the pitch. You can jump, bounce, collide with and crash the other players out of the pitch. You will be rolling around with laughter!

Sport Pitch

Body Zorb bubbles can be used both indoors and outdoors. These include: pitches, meadows, beaches, sport facilities, even snowy areas. The game place shall be:

  • Deprived of any elements posing danger to the players
  • Deprived of any elements which can destroy the equipment
  • Smooth and possibly plain

“Body Zorbing” OFFER

The price includes:

  • Full equipment:
  • blown bubbles (optional number)
  • knee pads
  • 2 mobile mini wickets
  • ball
  • cones to designate the pitch
  • Services:
  • professionalism: we recommend to arrange an information meeting before the conclusion of the agreement
  • we commute to a given place – up to 120 km
  • preparation of equipment and game area
  • mini-training: game rules, safety, methods of putting the bubbles on
  • game animation
  • civil liability insurance
  • a cup for the best team
  • photo coverage available at the website

b) Additional options:

  • Booking a sports facility
  • A prize or a diploma for each player
  • Professional photo / video service along with montage and music
  • Acoustic devices
  • Post with beverages and snacks


  1. rotation of players or steady group of participants
  2. short or long game time per 1 player
  1 h 2 h 3 h 4 h 5 h
2 bubbles x 199* 299 399 499
4 bubbles 199* 399 599 799 999
6 bubbles 299 599 899 1199 1499
8 bubbles 399 799 1199 1599 1999
10 bubbles 499 999 1499 1999 2499

* The option is available in the Grudziadz city only.

Watch out:

  • We commute up to 120 km for free!
  • Prices do not include the cost of renting a sports facility
  • A particular date is booked after paying the advanced payment in the amount of 30 % of the final price
  • Before the game the participants are obliged to sign the following documents: “Declaration of the player of Body Zorbing” and “Parental consent for the participation of a child in Body Zorbing”.

If you have not booked a game place or the price list does not include an option which satisfies you – feel free to contact us to receive help!

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