A city with a soul. Cracow of the North and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Toruń offers outstanding tourist attractions, which are well-known in Poland and abroad.

Mediaeval city complex of Toruń is one of the most precious complexes of this kind in Poland and was inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage in 1997.

Moreover, the monuments of Toruń are on the European Route of Brick Gothic.

Old Town of Toruń is frequently referred to as one of the seven wonders of Poland, thus, is a must on the tourist map of Poland and Europe.

To the commonly known symbols of the city belong mediaeval Old Town, eminent astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the best ginger breads in the world and the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

To the greatest attractions of architecture belong historic tenements, Old and New Town, gothic Old Town Hall, the Leaning Tower, sacral objects and the ruins of the Castle of Teutonic Order.

What is also worth seeing are the mediaeval city walls, gates, towers and granaries as well as places connected with eminent Polish astronomer, i.e. the House of Copernicus and Planetarium.

The Philadelphia Boulevard enjoys constant popularity not only among tourists, but also city inhabitants. It is a perfect place for walks and recreation. Very popular is also the fountain “Cosmopolis” and the Center of Modernity the Mill of Knowledge.

At this point it is impossible to forget about an unusual museum called Living Museum of Gingerbread. Come, see, come back – you are welcome to visit us in Toruń!