The biggest resort in Poland attracting tourists from Poland and abroad.

The location between the Tricity Landscape Park and sandy beaches of the Bay of Gdańsk is especially appreciated by the guests. The city center is crossed by Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, so-called Monciak, which is the main walkway of the resort.

Its extension constitutes the Sopot Pier – the most popular in Poland and the longest wooden pier in Europe. Moreover, it is a special viewpoint. One can admire the Bay of Gdańsk and the well-known “Grand Hotel.”

The oldest monument of Sopot is the mediaeval settlement “Grodzisko”, the open-air archeological museum located on the Castle Hill.

This is the only one object of this kind in Europe which is located in the center of a modern city. While talking about Sopot one should necessarily mention “the Forest Opera”, a forest amphitheater known as a place where the annual International Song Festival is held.

Historic tenements and modern buildings such as “the Crooked Little House” or the Square of the Friends of Sopot add up to the charm of the city. There are interesting sports and cultural entertainment facilities, numerous galleries, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Everyone can find something for themselves in Sopot. We cordially invite you!