The history of this city is complicated and difficult, similarly to the history of Poland. Since the 13th century the stronghold of Grudziądz belonged to the Teutonic Knights, who granted Grudziądz city rights at the end of the century.

Around the city defensive walls were erected and on the high scarp over the Vistula the Teutonic Castle with a tower referred to as Klimek was built. The castle did not survive the storms of history, however, the tower and a well from these times remained.

The bricks from the castle were used at the end of the 18th century to build the “fortress of Grudziądz”, which was supposed to protect the city and the bridge over the Vistula. The central part of the fortress was the citadel, which has remained until the modern times.

It is one of the biggest fortifications of this kind in Europe and is still used by the army. Many monuments of Grudziądz remained despite difficult history of the city. They attract with their architectural variety and undeniable charm.

On the Main Square there is a monument of the “Polish Soldier” and on the elevation of historic tenements there are two commemorative plaques.

One of them is dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus, and the other – to Nicolaus from Ryńsko, who was decapitated by the Teutonic Knights for the betrayal of the Teutonic Order on the City Square in Grudziądz during the Battle of Grundwald.

The Square of the Lovers of Astronomy with the monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, a baroque Palace Opatek from the 18th century, the Water Gate from the beginning of the 14th century and majestic granaries of Grudziądz are also worth seeing.

The last ones used to fulfill defensive and storing functions, today, however, provide a place for living. Grudziądz and its neighbourhood offer many modern attractions as well, i.a. Brine Thermal Pools, Western City, Safari, Jurasic Land of Dinosaurs in real sizes and a ropes course – located in a historic park and palace complex.

Unforgettable experiences can be collected during a cruise through the Vistula or a paragliding flight. Grudziądz astonishes, amazes and invites!