Symbol of freedom, especially for Poles. Not long time ago throughout thousands of years of its history the city witnessed events which changed the course of history of Europe. Gdańsk equals Gdańsk Shipyard and Lech Wałęsa – the hub of “Solidarność”, which gave rise to free, democratic and united Europe.

It is the birth place of the ideas of freedom, which accelerated liberation movements all over the world. Polish people proved once again that nothing is impossible. Seaside city of Gdańsk is an unusual place. Its atmosphere is composed of charming tenements of the Old Town with Old Town Hall and monument of astronomer Johannes Hevelius, the Main Town with a characteristic Fountain of Neptune and Artus Court.

An inseparable element of Gdańsk’s landscape constitute shipyard’s lifts with a characteristic crane – from the Middle Ages, which is the biggest harbour crane in Europe. Gdańsk nowadays is a modern metropolis with centers of culture, science and sports, various museums, theatres and galleries, historic streets, gates, churches and cathedrals.

Gdańsk is a world capital of the omnipresent amber, with sandy Baltic beaches. In summer the city is a harbour for many sailors and tourists from all around the world. One of seasonal attractions is St. Dominic’s Fair with a centuries-old tradition, when the authority over the city was held by merchants. Then, the city became bustling, colourful and cheerful.

This is the present Gdańsk – open to new ideas and moving with the times. You are welcome to visit us in Gdańsk!