An unparalleled, exquisite, vibrant place, one of the oldest cities in Poland. Former capital city of Poland, coronation city and the seat of sovereigns of the Polish State.

Today it is a historic place playing the role of cosmopolitan capital of culture, which is distinguished by unique ambience, monuments, delicious cuisine and kind people.

As we think of Cracow we see the Cloth Hall and towers of St. Mary’s Basilica, hear the trumpet hall and the Sigismund’s Bell, we feel the smell of fresh pretzels and sulphur in the breath of the Wawel Dragon.

Cracow is also associated with the clatter of horses’ hoofs and rattle of pigeons in the beautiful Market Place of thirteenth century.

Cracow is an internationally unique, historic Old Town with the surrounding green areas referred to as Planty. Cracow equals majestic Royal Caste on the Wawel Hill, an unusual Jews’ district in Kazimierz and the Jagiellonian University – one of the oldest universities in Europe.

It is a historic city, the mine of various monuments entered in the UNESCO List of World Heritage as well as historic monuments.

Numerous theatres, cafes, museums and galleries as well as charming pubs, restaurants and cafes emphasize its extraordinary atmosphere.

Most probably every visitor will collect their own, unforgettable images, sounds, tastes and smells in Cracow. Cracow is a magical place. It is definitely a pearl in the crown on the tourist map of Poland.

You are welcome to visit us in Cracow!