Best-known health resort in Poland. Perfect for body and soul. In the city there are mainly health resort facilities, sanatoriums and recreation centers. Brine graduation towers are a commonly known object. These are the biggest historic graduation towers in Europe, simultaneously being a monument of technical construction.

The complex of three graduation towers was established in the years 1824-1859. Each of them is a 16-meter long wooden structure. The brine comes down the blackthorn, which fills in the segments. The graduation towers producing brine fulfill a curative function since a unique microclimate is created in their direct neighbourhood, which constitutes a natural inhalation facility. Nearby there is the Park of Graduation Towers with its main attraction – floral clock.

The machinery of the clock has been put under the ground and its face is a colourful flower composition. The basis for the development of Ciechocinek constitute its curative waters coming from numerous brine springs. In the city center there is a brine spring ”Grzybek” which is highly appreciated by the residents. In the northern part of the city there is the Health Resort

Park with various species of trees and bushes as well as a mineral water pump room. In the middle of the Park a Shell Theatre in Zakopane style and fountain “Jaś and Małgosia” were built. In Ciechocinek the tourists can admire a complex of four historic buildings called “Baths”.

In front of one of them there is a well-known Floral Carpet, whose design is changed every year. Additionally, there is the Presidential Manor House and Eastern Orthodox Church, which is one of the most valuable monuments of the city.

Due to the need to protect the unique microclimate of Ciechocinek and its neighbourhood, a vast Area of Protected Landscape of the Ciechocinek Lowland has been established. This charming place is willingly visited not only by the residents, who want to take advantage of professional health care services and curative treatment, but also numerous tourists.

In Ciechocinek one can feel the unusual atmosphere of the City and take advantage of a rich offer of curative attractions. We cordially invite you!