A charming city of mediaeval nature, referred to as the City of Lovers since there are the relics of St. Valentine. In the city center there is one of the biggest Market Places in the country, whose City Hall is one of the most precious renaissance objects in Poland.

A gothic parish church dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is adjacent to the Market Place and is the pearl of gothic art. For some centuries the relics of St. Valentine have been kept there.

Near the Market Place there is a chain of gothic city walls from 13th/ 14th century, which are almost fully preserved. Chełmno is a city with many beautiful and perfectly preserved gothic churches as well as former convent complex of Cistercian nuns from 14th century.

One of the two gates remained till our times – the Gate of Grudziądz from the 14th century. Moreover, Prochowa Tower as well as a gothic St. Martin’s chapel can also be seen.

Ethereal Chełmno is not just outstanding architectural monuments only. It owes its romantic character to many wonderful green areas. The oldest park is referred to as Planty – favourite place for walks of tourists and inhabitants of the city.

Today the greatest attraction of the city are floral carpets, viewpoints and omnipresent peace. For longer walks one should choose the Vistula Valley, Starogrodzkie Lake and nearby forests. One can also go by bike to Starogród and admire a vast panorama over the Vistula Valley from a viewpoint.

The mountain of St. Lawrence is also worth seeing. Archeological excavation works have been run there for many years. Chełmno is a historic city with a soul. Charming, romantic and interesting – you are welcome to visit us in Chełmno!